Thursday, June 12, 2014

Last Day of School! June 12th, 2014

"Today is the last day of school, we got to watch Cars or  Mary Poppins." ~ Matthew

"Sadly, we can't see any of our teachers all summer." ~ Ella

"This is the most sad day of the entire year." ~ Kenan

"At the Awards assembly, Mr. Pike announced the outstanding attendance and perfect attendance awards. I got an outstanding attendance award, and I got to stand up in front of the whole school. Today was the most amazing day I've had yet!" ~ Ashlynn

"I just want to say thank you to Mrs. O'Connell and Mrs. Thompson for being the best teachers ever!" ~ Kylee

"When I was in Mrs. Eckman's room, I was playing on Riley's iPad, we were playing a game called Pocket Frogs." ~ Abby

Have a GREAT summer!!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday, June 6th

"Today in library we watched the rest of Balto. Balto returned the medicine to his town." ~ Sean

"We celebrated Ashlynn's birthday today, she brought treats and I did the hand sanitizer." ~ Kylee

"When we drew for the ticket bin Carrie, Matt and Layne won!" ~ Matt

"Yesterday we finished Rascal, Sterling decided to let Rascal go free." ~ Mary

"Our class got our yearbooks today and I got one." ~ Mikaela

"On Friday we did an on-line scavenger hunt, I got the first page done and then played math games." ~ Chase

"In library we couldn't check out books, we could only check back in our library books." ~ Mary

"This morning we did something for Father's Day." ~ Sean

"We had art today with Mrs. Tebbets, we made a street with building in two-point perspective." ~ Matt


You can still buy a yearbook, they are $14
Please bring back any library books that you have!
Please bring back any Track Shirts!
Weekly Reports due Monday!
NO Homework this week!
Next Thursday, June 12th, is the last day of school! Early release at 12:00 pm.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday, June 5th

"Today we did two math timings, one was out of 100 and one was out of 40." ~ Kylee

"This afternoon we cleaned out our desks of everything but art supplies." ~ Matt

"After 2nd recess we had our last Character Counts assembly and Mary won!" ~ Mikaela

"In music we got to listen to some songs and we sang along to them." ~ Ashlynn

"In reading we finished Rascal and Sterling let Rascal go free into the forest." ~ Sean

"After we finished Rascal we had to write a sentence about our favorite part, then we got to draw a picture to go with it." ~ Abby


Reading Homework due tomorrow!
Last day of school, Thursday, June 12th. Early dismissal at 12:00 pm!
Track Shirts!!!
Library Books!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday, June 2nd

“Today we took a math review for tomorrow’s math SBAC testing, and it was really fun.” ~ Kylie

“This morning in PE we played the Capture the Rubber Chicken and Abby’s team won.” ~ Sean

“Mrs. O’Connell gave us homework punches, I had 24 punches before getting the last two weeks punches, so I got a candy bar!” ~ Abby

“This afternoon we did more math review and it asked us to do these questions about measurement conversions, we wrote the answers down on our whiteboards.” ~ Mikaela

“In the afternoon during High/Low I shared that I went to the Air Show and I passed two bracelets around to share with the class.” ~ Kaylee

There are only 7 ½ days left of school!
Donuts with Dad this Thursday!
Bring Weekly Reports!
Homework due Friday!
Library books due ASAP!!!
Track shirts due!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday, May 30th

"We had kinder-buddies, we helped them make their graduation portraits." ~ Carrie

"Today when we drew the ticket bin, Kenan, Kylee and Carson won!"  ~ Matt

"I got to watch the DARE graduation because my brother was in it, Chase got to watch it too. It was really good, their shirts are really unique this year." ~ Ashlynn

"This morning in library we watched more of Balto." ~ Sean

"This afternoon we got to read October and November in Rascal. ~ Abby

"Addy came to school for the morning because she was sick, and Mrs. O'Connell's friend came to get her around lunch time." ~ Kaitlin

"While we were reading Rascal I sat in Mrs. O'Connell's chair and I spun around in it, which made me feel like I was going to throw up!" ~ Trey


Weekly Reports due Monday!
Only reading homework next week!
Library books due next Friday!
Track shirts need to be returned by next Monday!
Silent Auction tonight from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday, May 28th

"Today Dylan's Dad came and told us about electricity because he works for Avista." -Kylee

"Well, I learned that we should not mess around with the power lines because they have really powerful volts.  If you do one of these things you could be dead. You couldn't even survive one of the accidents." -Kenan

"In PE, we did a bean bag game and I got out 5 times." -Ashlynn

"When Dylan's Dad came he said it's most important to look up and then you'll live.  He means if you look down and you run into a power line you might not survive.  If you look up, you can avoid power lines." -Mary

"In math, we were reviewing for our math test tomorrow.  We worked on equivalent fractions, number lines, measurement, line plot graphs, and measuring angles." -Ella

There is a family picnic tomorrow during lunch time.  Families are invited to come to Brentwood to eat lunch with us in the park next to the school (assuming the weather holds out).  No adult lunches will be served, so please bring your own lunch if you're a guest.  Please join us in the park from 11:40-12:15.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday, May 23rd

"Today we did math, it was weird because on this one problem his protractor was in the wrong place, so we struggled with that one." ~ Ashlynn

"We had library and I got the book on JFK." ~ LJ

"I brought in treat because my birthday is on Sunday! I brought in licorice and cookies." ~ Abby

"This morning, I got to switch desks with Kaydin to sit by Ashlynn and Ella." ~ Mikaela

"This afternoon we learned more about personal safety, we learned that you might want to tell someone, but you may not want to tell on that person because of a number of different reasons." ~ Carson

"Before we went out to Self Monitor's Recess we did the ticket bin and Trey, Abby, and Matt won." ~ Carrie

"After recess everyone who brought in the money for Dash for Cash T-shirts got one, and mine was way too big." ~ Kaydin

Have a GREAT Memorial Day!!!