Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday, April 17th

"Today we went and saw The Reptile Man and we saw a rattlesnake." -Austin Hilborn

"In Music, we got to continue our puzzles and I finished two puzzles." -Chase

"In Writing rotations, Mrs. Byrd's class worked on the second body paragraph." -Divinity

-Dash for Cash ends 24th
-Reptile Man at 6:30 tonight, bring $1 for admission
-Fun Run the 25th

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday, April 16th

"Today in P.E., we played two mini softball games." -Sean

"In Writing Clinics, we worked on finishing our power one's and power two's for our essay about flight history." -Kylee

"This afternoon, we correct a sample of a fourth grade students' writing. We are typing the revised essay tomorrow." -Ashlynn

"This morning we had math rotations and I was in Mrs. Byrd's rotation. We worked on rounding mixed numbers and improper fractions to the nearest whole or half and adding or subtracting them." -Trey

"In class, we spent about fifteen minutes talking about pant suits." -Kaydin

-Homework due Friday
-Dash for Cash ends the 24th
-The fun run is on the 25th
-Easter on Sunday
-Reptile Man tomorrow at 2:15

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday April, 14th

"In P.E. we played softball, if you were a one you played in the field and if you were a two you went up to bat." -Kaitlin

"Today, we did a science experiment working with magnets and determining what was magnetic." -Torri

"We had writing rotations today and we read a chapter about the Wright Brothers and learning about the history of flight." -Divinity

"This morning we did not have an entry task but we did do high and lows from Spring Break." -Matt

"At recess, Torri, Kaitlin, Ella, and I played on the bars." -Mikaela

-Dash for Cash due April 24th

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday, March 28th

"Today Mrs. Fiske came in with two helpers, to help us make paper cranes. There is a first grader and she has Leukemia, there is a Japanese legend that says if you make one thousand paper cranes it grants a wish for love or health, so our school set a goal to make one thousand cranes for her, and we've already reached our goal!" ~ Ella

"At the end of the day we had a huge cleaning activity, we got a lot accomplished! We cleaned the library, the free choice bins and the teacher bins, and we cleaned our desks." ~ Kolby

"When Mrs. O'Connell was teaching math, if you were done you could silent read. Mary and I started buddy reading The BFG, which stands for the big friendly giant. We got to chapter five." ~ Abby

"During library Mrs. O'Connell came in and helped us find a book at or slightly above our lexile, because some people in our class were reading below or way above their lexile. I found the book Found, by Haddix." ~ Chase

"In math our math lesson was so hard that Mrs. O'Connell helped us with most of it. It was "I can add and multiply unit fraction to build fractions great that 1." ~ Kylee

"Because it was pouring down rain we had to have indoor recess, Sean and I played "Speed-stack Kendoma" which we made up." ~ Kaydin

"At lunch Kasey and I at with Mrs. Swan, then at recess we pretended we were flying with jump ropes in our belt loops on the barn toy. Then it started raining." ~ Kaylee


 No homework for two weeks!
         We strongly suggest that everyone continue reading!!!
Weekly Reports came home today, due Monday!
Conferences start next week, students dismissed at 12:45 pm all week!
Book Fair open Monday through Thursday from 1 to 4 pm.
Spring Break starts Friday, April 4th through April 13th

Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27th

"Today, we did a writing prompt about powering our TV through riding bicycles. I said Yes I would power my TV by riding a bike." -Torri

"This afternoon, after reading we played typing games and did math flash cards on the computers." -Kaitlin

"This morning, we went to music for three minutes and then we went to the Character Counts assembly where Kaydin won for the trait Trustworthiness." -Chase

"At recess, Kasey and I pretended we were flying with jump ropes." -Kaylee

"If you wanted to, you could fill out a star with your name, event, day, time, and place to invite Ms. Danforth, Mrs. O'Connell, and Mrs. Thompson to your activity." -Kaydin (We would love to come watch our students succeed outside of the classroom -Ms. Danforth)

-Homework due tomorrow
-Spelling test tomorrow
-Weekly reports due Monday
-Book Fair starting next week from 1pm to 4pm
-Conferences start next week

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25th

"It was Kyle's birthday today, once we were finished cleaning our desks, Kyle gave us a cookie." -Carrie

"This afternoon we did the word of the day, which was fossil fuel, and we did our packet pages." -Mikaela

"Today we completed a writing prompt, persuading our parents to buy a hybrid car." -Torri

"During Music, Mary got to play the violin for the class." -Sean

"In math, we reviewed for our Mid-Module Assessment tomorrow." -Matt

-Tomorrow is our Mid-Module Assessment in Math
-Weekly Reports due Monday
-Homework due Friday
-Conferences start Monday
-Half days start Monday
-Book Fair during conference week

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday, March20th

"This afternoon, we had time to complete missing work." -Kaitlin

"Today our math target was to add and subtract fractions in word problems." -Kylee

"This morning in Music, we got to play the freeze game and learned that in a song between every sixteen notes there is a change in the music." -Sean

"In Reading, we got to write an IVF Summary on one section of The Life and Times of Ants." -Chase

'If we finished all of our missing work then we got to do a free choice silent activity." -LJ

"Before Lunch, we wrote down on notecards one thing for a free choice bin that we would like to have." -Kenan

~Homework due tomorrow
~Conferences Slips are due
~Weekly Reports were due Monday